Melanie Messina

Physical Therapist Assistant

Melanie Messina, PTA

I am so glad we are working together and I look forward to getting to know more about you as
we work together. I find it helps me to know what motivates and drives you toward your fitness goals. That way we can keep it fresh and keep you excited to keep moving forward reaching you’re specific goals.

I also feel like it helps for you to know me a little better and understand my journey from
Physical Therapy to Personal Fitness Training and Nutritional consulting. So, I’m just going to
take a minute and say hello and tell you a little bit more about me…

I recently became a Certified Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer and Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant by the AAAI/ISMA (American Aerobic Association International/ International Sports Medicine Association) in addition to being a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant since graduating in 1996… yup that’s nearly 3 decades!

Even longer than my passion for helping rehabilitate through physical therapy, I’ve also always been passionate about my own nutrition and fitness. Well, maybe not so much when my mom sent me to school with carrot and celery packs instead of sweets… but honestly, nutrition has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

However, when the glorious “change of life” phase began for me, I was completely taken off
guard, and felt like my body was not my own. All of a sudden I wasn’t sleeping and so caffeine
and sugar became my lifeline. Thus began the downward spiral. You might be familiar with
what I went through. Brain fog, weight gain, irritability, frustration, fatigue… and the list goes on. So I paused. Couldn’t I use food and exercise to get my body back on track? I’d certainly done it before. So I went to work! …. Research, trial and error, doctors and talking to anyone who would listen to find answers.

And you know what? It worked! I found a program of eating and exercise that got me the results I wanted (and didn’t make me miserable) and I got into the best shape of my life in my late 40s! I don’t know about you but when I find something incredible, I tell everyone. So many
people were interested in what I was doing to get so fit and feel great (not to mention how I lost the weight) that I decided to use what I learned to help others to achieve their nutrition and fitness goals. And that is when I obtained my Certified Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer and Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant credentials.

So here we are, ready for your journey to a better you. Whatever your goals may be, if you’re ready, I’m ready to help you get there! So thank you for trusting me and letting me be a part of all of the excitement. Trust me it will be amazing!

Best Health to You,